The Bambaê is in the city of Barreirinhas to 3.500 meters from the city center in the neighborhood of boa vista…

The Bambaê is located in the city of Barreirinhas at 3,500 meters from the city center in the Boa Vista neighborhood, close to the Boa Vista school group. For those who come by car from the city center, passing the school group to double the first left-hand lane named Avenida Paulista. At the end of the avenue, in front of the river sloths turn right and you will be in front of the Bambaê.

If you have a speedboat you can also come sailing the river sloths. Take the direction of the sea, pass by Beira Rio, in the center, six hundred meters approximately after the Gran Lençóis Flat Residence, also known as Flat Solare, our port is on the right bank of the river sloths. In this section pass slowly because the abundant vegetation partially covers the view of the restaurant. If you have arrived on the levada leading to São Domingos, come back you have already gone.

But if you are not driving and want to get to Bambaê, it’s okay, just call us and our driver will pick you up where you are in Barreirinhas and bring you to us and when you want it will take you back to your destination. This at no cost to you, is a kindness of Bambaê.

Ask the reception of your hostel to call us at (98) 98857-4425 and 3349-0260 and we will pick you up. Service available for the trip to the Bambaê, from 19h to 21h30 and for the return from 20h to 23h.