We have a large kitchen, lounge for 200 people, dance floor, stage, bar, kiosk, kiosk area, garden, bathrooms, storage area, an amusement park attached, a river beach and parking area, all in a area of ​​3,000 square meters. A team of professionals, such as cooks, waiters, barman, and pizzaiolo, trained to hold your event with all quality and attentive to excellence in every detail.

We hold personalized events guaranteeing our customers a unique and exclusive party. We discuss every detail of our planning with the client in order to create an event that meets their expectations at such a special time.

In the space Bambaê you will have a pleasant environment in a fully integrated nature area, delicate and capriciously decorated, with specially harmonized lighting, rich details in the woodwork of the house, with lots of green, excellent landscaping, by the river sloths. All these details that make up the space provide a singular aspect and a unique sensation to your guests and allow your Feast to be surrounded by a special, intimate, original and enchanting atmosphere, eternalizing in your guests those unforgettable moments.

There are also space rental options or the holding of unconventional events. For this please contact us and pass your brieffing so we can analyze the feasibility of your event in our facilities. Espaço Bambaê is associated with the Pousada Encantes do Nordeste which allows you and your guests to hold events with the support of one of the best options of Pousadas of the Lençóis Maranhenses region.

To contract your event with us contact us by email:


Choosing the venue for the wedding party is one of the first and most important decisions in that unique moment in the life of the couple. Choosing the ideal place, having an identity with your lifestyle is an important and delicate task.
The Bambaê Space offers singularities that can meet your requirements. Here you can hold your party exactly as you imagine it, with your way, your personality.

That's right, you can personalize your event together with our team who will take care of all the details so that your party has its brand and charisma. The Bambaê Space is diverse and we can plan your party exactly to your liking.

At the edge of the River Preguiças we have the possibility to set up a charming setting for an elegant, cozy and romantic wedding reception for up to 200 people with practicality and convenience to welcome your guests.

We also offer the possibility of holding the religious ceremony on the spot. We have space and options that allow this choice. You can also opt for all the gastronomic, drinks, tickets and the hiring of musicians for presentation during your party. Espaço Bambaê can take care of all the details of this special day for you.

Contact us and we will plan together the happiest day of your life.



The time has come to celebrate the happiness of being together for so long and remembering all that you have spent together all these years. It is time to celebrate together with all the special people who have shared their lives in an intimate event that translates this story.

Organizing the wedding party is as important and gives as much work as the wedding party time and again, choosing the ideal place is one of the couple's top concerns. The date requires a special place that marks with charm, elegance and great joy plus this passage in their lives.

Espaço Bambaê can provide you with this pleasant place to keep as another delightful memory in this story of complicity and love.

No matter what the size of your party and what details and emotions you want to leave marked on that date we can help you to make it.


A cocktail party can be the best solution for events such as baby shower, cooking tea, special celebrations, debutante parties, get-togethers or just a more intimate meeting with friends, where the priority is usually to socialize and share a few minutes with each of the guests.

Espaço Bambaê can easily be adapted to this type of event in the afternoon or evening, in a more informal and simple way, such as a coffee break, or can attend a more refined party in the evening, including more sophisticated snacks , snacks, appetizers, appetizers, appetizers, and other delicacies, easy and practical to prepare and do not necessarily mean less sophistication.

Due to its practicality and versatility, the cocktail party can be a good choice for that special occasion you want to share with your friends and relatives, without losing the charm of the celebration.

Espaço Bambaê offers you all the gastronomic service,  waiters until a bartender to help throughout the event to brighten up your party in an environment of adequate size so that your guests feel comfortable and comfortable. Another option is to create a lounge style for example to welcome the most intimate guests.

To celebrate the good moments, bring your event to Espaço Bambaê and let us take care of everything else for you.



The day has come to celebrate another birthday. It's time to fraternize with your most cherished friends, with the family and all those who in one way or another have marked your life. It is time to choose a place, an environment, which reflects all your desire to welcome your guests with much relaxation, joy and charm, living intensely that day of meetings and memories.

At Espaço Bambaê you receive your guests in an environment fully integrated with nature, with ample space, delicate and elegant decoration and can count on our entire structure for a delicious lunch or dinner besides a good music and a large menu of drinks and drinks.

Our team will be on hand to assist in the reception of your guests and ensure a friendly, cordial and professional service at all times of your event.

Come and celebrate your birthday at Espaço Bambaê and offer your guests a memorable day in your company.


Kids enjoy freedom, space, interaction, entertainment and the best time to exercise all this in partnership with his little friends is on his birthday.

Children's parties need to offer a lot of fun and playful activities for the kids, as a way to occupy their day with what they like to play. For this, Espaço Bambaê has an exclusive recreation area for children with 11 fully interactive and dynamic toys, such as swings, slide, tunnel with obstacles, climbing, and many others that make the children happy. All installed in an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters under a thin sand floor that causes low impact for children.

Our Kaya N'Gan Daya Park is a theme park and has as reference the Brazilian popular music. Each toy bears the name of a song from our popular songbook. The Superbacana, the Tower of Babel, the Roda Viva, the Carcará, among others.

Make the birthday of your son, nephew or relative much more joyful and fun. Bring him and his guests to have fun with us.

Our space is also suitable for school fraternization events or extra curricular activities.

All our bar and restaurant service are also available for your event and we can also offer, if you are interested, monitors to accompany the children in the Park.



A good organizational culture should value the interaction between the team, partners and customers, whatever the field of activity or the size of your company. Special occasions such as training for new employees, meeting of branch managers, launching a new product or service, reaching scheduled goals, commemorating the anniversary or a special achievement of your company end up asking for a commemorative event .

Investing in corporate events greatly contributes to the involvement and improvement of the performance of the professionals involved, with the goal of improving their development and are a great way to strengthen the relationship with customers, suppliers, companies and employees. A very important and efficient tool of communication and relationship marketing.

Choosing the space where the event will be held is very important. Espaço Bambaê offers a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere with size and structure for the accomplishment of small and medium-sized events and with the support of all our gastronomic, bar and technical support team.

Your company will also have the opportunity to combines your event with a tourist stage in one of the most incredible destinations in Brazil, the Maranhenses National Park, which will certainly serve as a great incentive for your guests. Our receptive associate to Espaço Bambaê can take care of all the details for you with incredible suggestions of tours and adventures.

At your next corporate event, check out our conditions, facilities and services. We may have the option you are looking for.